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Home-Chef Sharmila has always had a passion for great food. During her growing up years, she would spend every minute she could in her mother and grandmother’s kitchens. 

“In those days, everything was made from scratch. We never went out to dinner; I was just amazed that they could make everything and make it taste so good!” 

Her culinary skills were heightened during her many years living in Mumbai. She took every opportunity to learn as much as she could by taking cooking classes, meeting chefs and exploring the many different cuisines cosmopolitan Mumbai had to offer.

Sharmila has a tremendous wealth of knowledge about various food and culinary traditions and has brought every skill that she had gained to the table to ensure healthy, hygienic, wholesome and nutritious food topped by taste.

Besides healthy cooking, Home-Chef Sharmila likes to spend her time making crafts, traveling, and digitally scrapbook her adventures.